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Reservation Questions

How do I reserve a seat on one of the EAC shuttles?

Reservations may be made online, or by calling our Customer Service Department at (765) 743-3120. Please note: reservations made over-the-phone are subject to a $2.00 fee per reservation.

Can I ride on an EAC shuttle without a reservation?

Yes, provided there are available seats after all reserved passengers have boarded. For shuttle availability, call our Customer Service Department at (765) 743-3120. However, seating is only guaranteed with paid reservation.

Why am I unable to make a reservation on an EAC shuttle scheduled on a specific date and time?

If you are unable to book a shuttle trip that is scheduled at that date and time, it is most likely sold out. Please book your trip on the next available shuttle.

Is there a waiting list I can be on for a fully-booked EAC shuttle?

We do not maintain waiting lists for our shuttles. However, please continue to monitor the desired date as we may add extra trips or change the type of vehicle in use, resulting in more available seats.

If I cancel my reservation, will I get a refund?

No. Per our cancellation policy, all reservations are final. If cancellation is requested, no refund, credit, transfer, or exchange will be given.

I mistakenly made my reservation twice. What can I do?

Please contact our Customer Service Department by email at You will need to provide both reservation numbers as well as how the mistake occurred. If the additional reservation was made, the second one can be placed on credit.

Can I change my reservation?

Yes, the reservation may be changed prior to your original travel date and time. If the new travel date and time is within 3 days, changes may only be made by calling us at (765) 743-3120. Please note, there will be a $10.00 change fee applied. If your reservation is more than 3 days away, you can purchase a change-fee token online for $10. Please visit our Change Reservation page and follow the instructions.

Do children require a paid reservation?

Every person needs a paid ticket regardless of age. If your child is 6 years of age or younger, be sure to reserve a car seat for safety purposes at no additional charge.

How much is it to reserve a child’s car seat on EAC shuttles?

EAC will provide car seats for children free of charge. When making your reservation online or over the phone at (765) 743-3120, please notify us that you will need a child safety seat provided.

How many pieces of luggage are included with each reservation?

Each passenger is allowed two (2) checked suitcases/parcels, one (1) carry-on item, and one (1) personal carry-on item (i.e. purse, laptop computer, etc.). Additional checked luggage will be subject to a $10.00 fee per bag.

If I know I have more checked luggage than what is included with my reservation upon booking, what should I do?

If you will have more than two (2) checked pieces of luggage per passenger, you can add them to your reservation for $10.00 per additional checked piece.

Do you offer any sort of discounts?

We offer a discount for Active Duty Military and Airline Personnel with a valid ID.

Can I use my family member’s military/airline discount?

No, all discounts offered for the military member or airline employee are strictly personal. When boarding the shuttle, all passengers who reserved with these discounts will be asked to provide identification showing they qualify for the discount. Anyone that doesn’t qualify will be asked to pay the difference before boarding, or boarding may be denied.

How can I obtain a second copy of my receipt?

Please send an email request with the name on the reservation, as well as the date and time of your reservation to

General Questions

Can the EAC Shuttle drop me off closer to my destination?

Ultimately, this decision will be left up to the driver, so discuss with him/her at the time of boarding. If the driver is unable, he/she can provide you with telephone numbers for taxi services.

Are there size and weight restrictions for luggage brought on the EAC shuttle?

The maximum weight for any parcel/luggage is seventy (70) pounds (32 Kg). The maximum size dimensions for any parcel/luggage is 60 in. x 24 in. x 36 in. (152cm x 61cm x 91cm).

What amenities does the EAC shuttle have?

All of our shuttles have free wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) for your convenience. Some of our larger coaches also have a restroom on board, however we are not able to guarantee a restroom will be available.

Can I bring my bicycle on the shuttle?


Can I bring my pet on the shuttle?

Guide dogs or service dogs only are allowed on any shuttle. No pets are permitted.

Are the EAC shuttles and charter buses wheelchair accessible?

Only some of our vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps. Should you require wheelchair access, please call our Customer Service Department at (765) 743-3120 a few business days prior to your trip and we will work to accommodate.

I am arriving on an international flight. How much time should I give myself to go through Immigration and Customs before catching the shuttle?

When arriving on an international flight, you must allow yourself at least 2.5 to 3 hours to go through Immigration, collect your luggage and go through Customs. Express Air Coach is not liable for any delay occurred.

What are Private Rides?

A Private Ride can be arranged for a larger group requiring an airport transfer from any address to any airport. This means that the shuttle will only transport you and/or your group to or from any address. For a Private Ride quote, contact our charters department, or email your information and itinerary to

What is a Charter?

A Charter is a specific trip for a group which can be anywhere from a few hours to one or multiple days, and can even be nationwide. For a Charter quote, contact our sales department at (847) 592-5402 during regular business hours, or email your information and itinerary to

Day of the Trip

Do I need a printed copy of my confirmation and itinerary, or a ticket to board the EAC shuttle?

No, we do not require passengers to have a printed confirmation of their reservation. However, to simplify the boarding process, we request that you have your confirmation number ready, whether printed, visible on your smartphone, or written down.

What if I miss my reserved shuttle due to a canceled or delayed flight?

In the event your missed reservation was due to delays or cancellations from the airline, you will be accommodated on the next shuttle with seating available.

If I am running 5-10 minutes late, will you hold the shuttle for me?

Our shuttles are scheduled to leave on time to keep in line with our express services. We are unable wait for any passengers as this may pose delays or other inconveniences for passengers who arrived on time. You can catch the next shuttle with available seats.

What time zones are the pick-up and drop-off times listed in?

All times listed are local times at their respective locations. All Illinois destinations are in Central Standard Time (CST) and the Purdue destination is in Eastern Standard Time (EST). For example: the 12:00pm shuttle leaving from Purdue University to Chicago will have the pick-up time listed in EST and a 2:00pm (14:00) estimated arrival time listed in CST.

Is there parking available for my vehicle at Purdue?

Unfortunately, no parking is available at Purdue according to Purdue Parking Regulations.

Purdue University Questions

General Questions

Where is pick-up and drop-off at the Ford Dining Court?

Pick-ups and drop-offs for the Ford Dining Hall take place on Steven Beering Dr. near the bike racks.

Where is pick-up and drop-off at Purdue West Plaza – Follett’s?

Pick-ups and drop-offs for Purdue West take place by Follett’s Bookstore on McCutcheon Dr.

Purdue to Chicago O’Hare Airport

How often does the EAC Shuttle run between Purdue and O’Hare daily?

Depending on the time of year, we run 3 to 8 shuttles per day. On peak busy days, extra runs are added to accommodate more passengers. Click here to view the up-to-date schedule information on our booking page.

How long is the trip between Purdue and Chicago O’Hare International Airport?

The trip will take about 2.5 to 3 hours depending on traffic and road conditions.

Where is the drop-off at Chicago O’Hare International Airport?

Passengers are dropped off at every terminal at O’Hare International Airport in Departures.

Where is pick-up at Chicago O’Hare International Airport?

For passengers arriving in Terminals 1, 2 and 3, pick-ups take place at the Bus Shuttle Center (opposite of the O’Hare Hilton Hotel) at Door 4. Those on International flights arriving in Terminal 5 will be picked up on the Arrivals level (lower level) of the terminal in the outer lane by door 5E (close to the McDonald’s).

Purdue to Urbana / Champaign, IL

How often does the EAC Shuttle run between Purdue and Urbana, IL?

Shuttles between Purdue and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are currently offered only on weekends. Click here to view the up-to-date schedule information on our booking page.

How long is the trip between Purdue and Urbana, IL?

The trip will take about 1.75 to 2 hours depending on traffic and road conditions.

Purdue to Oakbrook and Woodfield Malls

How often does the EAC Shuttle run between Purdue and the Malls?

The Oakbrook-Woodfield Shuttle trips are operated on Friday evenings and Sunday evenings only. If the following Monday is a holiday, the shuttle will run on Monday instead of Sunday. This service is not available outside of the Purdue University academic calendar year.

How long is the trip between Purdue and the Malls?

The trip will take about 2.5 to 3 hours depending on traffic and road conditions.

Why is the Mall service only available during the Purdue academic calendar year?

The demand for our Oakbrook-Woodfield trip is most popular during the academic year as students who are from the Chicagoland area utilize it as a way to go home for the weekend.

Where is pick-up and drop-off on the Purdue campus for the Mall services?

The Oakbrook-Woodfield Shuttle pick-up and drop-off is located at Purdue West, Ford Dining Hall, and Stewart Center on the Purdue campus.

Where is pick-up and drop off at the Malls?

Woodfield Mall pick-up and drop-off is on outer parking lot B4 near the Firestone building, towards Golf Road. Address for Woodfield location: 1755 E Golf Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173.

The Oakbrook pick-up and drop-off is located at the nearby Villa Park Walmart on the North edge of the outer parking lot, near the grass and trees. Address for Oakbrook location: 900 IL-83, Villa Park, IL 60181.

University of Illinois at Champaign / Urbana

Where is pick-up in Urbana, IL?

First pick-up is near Altgeld Hall at the corner of Green and Wright Streets, followed by pick-up at the Armory at 505 East Armory Avenue, Urbana.

Is there a parking facility for Express Air Coach passengers in Urbana, IL?

No, we do not have a parking area available in Urbana.

How long is the trip between Urbana-Champaign, IL, and West Lafayette, IN?

The trip will take about 2 hours depending on traffic and road conditions.